Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to do true due diligence on ICOs? What are you going to diligence?

    Although ICOs cannot be diligenced and researched in a traditional, quantitative sense, we will professionalize and standardize the investment decision-making process by assessing potential investments with a hedge fund / private equity lens. Any quantitative analysis would not be used to set a strict price target or valuation, but only contribute to a discussion of value drivers. As we begin to release proprietary research reports and write on our blog, we hope to give readers additional flavor for how we analyze the idiosyncratic assets in this space.

  • What differentiates HGR from other crypto hedge funds?

    We believe HGR is differentiated vis a vis other similar offerings as follows:

    1. A combination of longer-term investment theses driven by fundamental analysis, value-based investing and primary research (vs. shorter-term focus and day-trading), and our ability to engage in proprietary arbitrage trades during times of market uncertainty
    2. Professional team with formal training in finance, operations and engineering that is optimally equipped to apply (and adapt as necessary) traditional investment principles to the crypto market
  • How will you be storing your crypto assets and how secure will they be?

    Given our longer-term focus, for the majority of our holdings, HGR will be employing a security solution that combines multi-signature functionality with cold storage. Further, any “hot” wallet holdings will be dispersed across a variety of accounts and exchanges. All this ultimately culminates in an asset security model with broadly distributed points of failure – for a more detailed discussion of this topic, please see Section IV of our white paper.

  • Where is HGR Registered?

    HR is registered in the Cayman Islands and Delaware.

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